Leanne C

Many people have experiences in their lives that can affect their well-being in so many different ways. I’ve personally had experiences as a child/adolescent that have impacted my self-esteem, confidence, relationships and so much more. Without knowing, I haven’t been living my best life because of those early negative experiences.

Through hypnotherapy with Joey, I’ve been able to overcome so much. He has helped me dig deep and correct the negativity and harm that was caused through those experiences. Joey is passionate about his work. He is positive, kind, he truly cares for his clients and I’m so grateful for his amazing work.

After several sessions with Joey, I can truly say that I have never been so happy, confident, motivated, and filled with such a self-love that I’ve never experienced before.

If you have anything holding you back, hypnotherapy with Joey will most definitely help you work through your struggles and enable you to live the happiest, most amazing life you’ve ever dreamed of !

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