Lauren M

My regression with Joey was my first hypnotherapy experience, spanning two sessions of delving into memories I didn’t know I still had access to. Admittedly, I was nervous to look into some painful memories and wasn’t sure it would even work on me. Joey was incredibly kind and nurturing throughout the entire process, from our initial conversation about hypnotherapy all the way through to healing a very old wound in the end. I felt safe and free to let my guard down, drop into my subconscious and allow memories to come forward — memories stretching all the way back to infancy. I was able to address a major blockage in my heart, release old mental patterns with love, and connect more deeply with the true self that lies beneath it all. After our sessions, i felt instantly lighter and free to relax into my body and surroundings. Thanks to hypnotherapy with Joey, i was able to release that old white-knuckle protection mechanism I’d come to rely on, because he helped me realize that I no longer needed to protect that little girl. It’s no exaggeration that my sessions with Joey allowed me to see myself differently forever — empowered, safe, and aware of myself in a whole new light. If you’re ready to step into your power, go deep and do the work, I highly recommend entrusting Joey with walking you through the process. He is a wonderful person who is incredible at what he does and cares deeply about healing the things you’re ready to face. Book a session!

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