These past few years, my life has changed drastically. One day it seems like you have life all figured out and have it all. But in the blink of an eye, it can all change.
Loss of family & friends, failed fertility, failed marriage, domestic abuse and a lost heart and soul.
I have known Joey for years and have been watching him grow and evolve from afar. His strength, positivity, his views and outlooks on health, exercise, diet, life and the power of the mind sparked my interest.
Unfortunately my life story has been consumed with hardships since childhood. Those hardships have contributed and shaped the way in which in I behave, see the world and ultimately the way I feel and see myself. I struggle with deep-rooted self-worth and self-esteem issues. And I am an empath so my sensitivity to things around me is heightened 24-7/daily. When someone hurts, I hurt too.
When something happens, my mind goes to fight or flight mode and my negative self-talk comes out in full force. It’s hard not to take things personally when a failure arises. So basically in a nutshell I have developed a pattern of negative self-talk that hinders how I perceive things and how I navigate through the daily. I am constantly questioning my self-worth and if I really deserve anything good. Maybe the world would be a better place without me. I’m the type of person that, I’d rather give away all I have and own to someone in need and have nothing. As I’d rather do for others than myself. I love making people happy. I focus on all the mistakes I’ve made and re-live them daily building up a mountain of guilt/regret that is now eating me alive. The things in the past that I cannot change or control are what haunt me. What I realize now is that I need to make changes if I want things to change. I don’t want to feel so low anymore. I want to find my true self and I truly want to find happiness. I also want to create healthy relationship boundaries and find ways to detect red flags when they arise.
So I decided to reach out to Joey to inquire about his life’s journey and how he found happiness and his mesmerizing love for life. And with almost an immediate response and no judgement, just understanding, Joey eagerly took me under his wing and offered to help me. To have this eager, excited and committed support meant so much. In minutes, with the initial conversation, Joey made me feel like I mattered. Like I deserve to have good things in my life. Like I was worth something. Even if for only a moment I felt good in hearing those things, it was enough to know I made the right choice to reach out. When I hear someone give me positive feedback, usually within minutes I venture into the self-doubt abyss. Going there all the time is draining and depressing. But something changed once I reached out to Joey. I felt like I had just set a new goal. A goal to almost be excited about. A goal to achieve personal happiness and that I could actually make it happen. I haven’t set a new goal in it feels like forever.
I’ve had x2 sessions with Joey and I would say over a 100 advice giving messages he has provided. Joey is wise beyond his years and is truly inspirational, motivational and sincere. His energy and eagerness to share his knowledge and skills to help people is extraordinary. Every time I have a low day, I know I can reach out to Joey to kick start me into mind over matter action. He is not afraid to give tough love either. We all need it sometimes.
The first session I had with Joey was the ‘Letting Go’ session. And basically it’s exactly what it was. Joey took me through this calming out of body experience in feeling safe, valued and that I could get through anything. It was an empowering embrace on stepping outside of the mind and looking at the bigger picture. Nothing is concrete. Anything is attainable. In this first session Joey establishes a safe and comfortable space. He establishes trust and a respectful control so that you feel protected and confident in his session. I felt nothing but relaxed and ready for him to guide me. After the 1st session for the next two weeks I actually felt happy, confident and excited to tackle the next new day. Like I had a weight lifted off my shoulders. Joey achieved this with simple, calming, subconscious talk, and amazingly painted visuals that took me into a deep mind and out of body journey, I immediately was affected by it. It just worked! I let all my guards down and let the experience transcend.

The 2nd session was a very powerful but difficult session. Joey took me back into my past, where he targeted my childhood subconscious. This subconscious never meant to hurt me all these years of my life as it had been doing. It was just protecting this hurt and pained little girl. It’s really been this lifelong best friend doing only what it knows how to do. Project you. And with that I was able to see some very prominent self-sabotaging patterns I had engrained and nurtured in the woman I am today. It was painful to work through this session, but I knew I was safe and Joey wasn’t going to let anything happen. I was protected and I had someone in my corner to believe in me to get me through this. After the session, weeks later, I felt strong, I felt an inner understanding and I also felt a sense of healing. I actually felt I was ready to let go of some haunting feelings of the past. I also got to a place of self-forgiveness. It’s crazy to have someone literally enter your mind to dig into the places it needs to be re-programmed.

‘Being Grateful’ and ‘Being Present’ were my first stand out teachings. Who knew x2 simple ways to look at things could really change your whole frame of thinking. I cannot wait to learn more and to get to the bottom of all the things I’ve allowed to block my journey to happiness. Next up we tackle ‘Fear.’
One thing is for sure, Joey will never give up on you! Thank you Joey!


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