Inara B – Fort McMurray Alberta

I have struggled with depression, anxiety, lack of will, and low self-esteem for years. I have tried many different modalities and approaches, both conventional and complimentary. Nothing stuck. I was feeling pretty defeated in the last year, hitting an all-time low. A couple of months ago a friend of mine introduced me to Joey and his work. I was a little skeptical at first – one, because I felt like I’d tried everything and second… hypnosis? Really? But, as a practitioner, Joey’s presence is authentic, intuitive and supportive. His passion and excitement for my journey established trust and curiosity with him and I immediately felt comfortable and confident in opening myself up to our sessions. I truly felt he was invested in my journey.

My first session I was nervous but excited – Joey lead me through each step masterfully and was supportive in my journey. The first thing I noticed about our sessions was that Joey was there FOR me. Hypnotherapy quickly became the tool I knew I was looking for. He led me to my own self-empowerment and will, and for that I will be forever grateful.

After our first session I noticed a sense of lightness and almost euphoria. I felt lighter. I still had down days, but not like before. Healthier choices became easier, my smoking habit slowed.
Mood swings, nightmares, anxiety, all dropped significantly. I went from daily mood swings and anxiety attacks to scant traces of them. I really believe the reason for this is because when my negative feelings and moods crept in, instead of sitting in a puddle of procrastination and self-loathing I began to understand why I was feeling that way, and was able to do something about it. I began to have a sense of awareness of myself I had never had before. And its was F*ing beautiful. It was a subtle unpacking of all of the things I never knew held weight on me.

All this after one session you might ask… And I can confidently say yes.
Is it hard? No. Is it uncomfortable? A little. You will get what you put into it. But you deserve it. You deserve to heal the part in the you that needs a little or a lot of love, and Joey will earnestly lead to that space where you can do the work.

I’ve since had two more sessions with Joey, and I feel like I’m at the top of my game in life. I have the confidence and courage to name my dream and take steps to realize it. My excitement, interest and zest for life at this level is completely new to me. I’m absolutely in love with it all. I have a new-found passion, focus, and ownership of my life.

Lastly, Hypnosis has personally empowered me to make the changes in myself and my life I so badly needed. It is SO worth trying. Come open, come honest, come willing, and give yourself the space to heal. The only regret I have about Joey is that I didn’t find him and his work sooner! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Joey. Looking forward to working with you again!

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