Heather K

By working with Joey I have been able to start to overcome a flattening period of depression and a longer history with anxiety. I am so grateful to have learned about his hypnotherapy sessions at the time I did. Thanks to his sessions I have been able to let go of some negative protective patterns of behaviour and thought that had locked onto long ago. Additionally his sessions allowed me to feel free, empowered and peaceful.

It has been a true sense of release, forgiveness, compassion – letting go working with him. In one session we journeyed through my life and established where some of these negative perceptions assumptions anger sadness and isolation came from. Joey is passionate and gentle in his technique and the work done in sessions keeps working long after the session itself is over. It’s truly incredible to experience.

Admittedly I was nervous to
Try, possibly even skeptical, but his presence and approach have fostered some of the deepest healing I have experienced to date. He has found his calling in this line of work. An amazing therapist with the ability to push forward the vibe to live our best lives.

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