Heather G

When I first met Joey I felt as if I’d known him forever somehow. His ease of nature, joyous heart and warm smile put me at ease immediately. I knew I was in the right place. I could see that his passion for healing, life-long journey of inner-exploration and talent in helping people become their best selves, was not just a choice for him, but a calling. I have had many sessions with Joey and I saw the positive results immediately – his work with me has been invaluable to my life and relationships. Joey is my go-to person when I need wisdom, warmth, caring and super-charged positive energy! I was indeed surprised by the nature of what true clinical hypnotherapy was at first, even a bit nervous. I see now how silly that was. Joey’s expertise and understanding of the subconscious took me on a journey of unsurpassed clearing and I am never looking back! For the first time ever, after trying many modalities and throwing myself at mindful work, I am truly free of the things that held me down forever! It was not only painless, it took barely any effort on my part and after each session I was renewed. No joke, hypnotherapy and Joey have changed my life ~ and what a beautiful life it is! 

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