Christine L, Winnipeg Manitoba

My journey to self-discovery & healing began several years ago. This was at time in my life’s journey when everything around me & within me was being shaken, only to have many truths revealed and come to the surface to help me transform my life after experiencing traumatic events.

I had explored various modalities for healing & inner transformation and my soul knew and kept giving me signs that it was time to dive deeper into my psyche.

When I learned that Joey was embarking on his path to guide others in transforming positive change, healing and empowering themselves within their own lives, I knew and felt at a deep intuitive level that Joey would play a very important role in guiding me to the next level of my awakening as well as the expansion of my spiritual growth.

Prior to commencing my journey into hypnotherapy with Joey, I had explored this type of healing modality with another healer. While that experience had been quite effective and helpful, I felt called to collaborate with Joey as I continued on my own spiritual path. I have learned through my personal experiences as well as through my many discussions with Joey that we must always trust and follow our intuition. Our intuition is our very own inner compass and it will guide us to what we need in order to thrive in our every day lives.

I had the privilege of experiencing hypnotherapy sessions led by Joey in person as well as by distance (via online video chat) and both were SUPER powerful. Joey’s empathetic and caring nature helped create a safe space where I felt extremely supported, calm and open to deeper healing and creating positive change in my life.

Joey guided me through the sessions and created pleasant & positive mental imagery and visualizations which allowed me to surrender to deep states of hypnosis. He reminded me through the process that I was a powerful & amazing being and that I possessed the power within to create any positive change that I desired in my life. On more than one occasion, Joey led me to a time & space where my subconscious mind had created mental “blocks” to keep me safe, when in fact this meant that it had actually kept me in a state of fight or flight mode. Joey helped me revisit & release repressed emotions and he helped me reframe situations, allowing me to shift the energy within me and arrive at a space where I could forgive and reframe situations and traumas that I had experienced.

Joey’s intuitive gifts to connect to others and his great awareness of sensing energy helped navigate our sessions so beautifully & perfectly which always left me feeling with a sense of true gratitude, love and peace in my heart after each session.

Having worked with Joey and gotten to experience firsthand how he is passionate and committed to helping others achieve their personal goals, I can see very clearly why he received the calling to do this type of incredible work. Joey is the definition of a true healer; he is passionate about helping people, he is a positive & uplifting soul and he is so very open-minded which allows zero space for judgment, but only creates space for love and respect for other beings. His genuine qualities and his desire to want to help others live their best, most abundant life possible is so evident in the way that he connects with others. I’m so extremely thankful I listened to my soul guiding me to work with Joey. My life is forever changed. Because of the inner work I was able to dive into with Joey, I am finally free of deep pain and suffering. It’s such a great feeling to be able to say that I know, trust & believe that the best is yet to come. Thank you so very much, Joey!

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