My name is Joey Labossiere and I’m a clinical Hypnotherapist as well as proud husband to Melanie and father to our beautiful children, Maxime and Cali. For the last 15 years I’ve been obsessed with researching and experimenting the different ways to optimize the human experience. My path has taken me from my love of traditional and extreme sports, to health and fitness, world travel, meditation and hypnotherapy. I have a passion for learning and continue to evolve as a human all while tapping into our true potential. I believe we are all blessed to be on this amazing planet.  

Everyone has had to negotiate obstacles and challenges in their journey through life, and I am no different. By the age of 21, I was suffering from severe depression and generalized anxiety. I was prescribed the standard antidepressants and tried to go on with life, but nothing got better. It wasn’t until I discovered strength training, meditation and yoga, coupled with reading the right informative material, that things began to change for the better. I was finally improving, not just merely coping. Everything was within me to make permanent positive change, and I was able to fuel my change and rid myself of the medications. Now, I am living my most fulfilling and abundant life.

As well as being a clinical hypnotherapist, I have also worked the last 9 years in one of the most challenging and extreme environments as a federal correctional officer. I have been able to use the techniques I’ve studied to navigate my way through the stress and traumatic events I have been a part of. ​ ​

You are in control of your dreams and your reality. Once you leave behind old stories and old programming that sabotages and no longer serves you, only then can you truly grow and thrive like never before.

Hypnotherapy can help release self doubt, stomp out negative thoughts and debilitating negative self talk. I can guide you to deal with past traumas and fears at their very root.

It’s time to Tune In and Turn On Your Limitless Personal Power. I look forward to working with you. ​

– Joey